React Rear Coilover Kit - 73-87 C10

The rear suspension kit from React includes the most popular pieces to have a well working suspension setup under your C10 truck. Converts to a parallel 4-link system with panhard bar, included C-notch, U-bolts and rear frame crossmember. Adjustable down to a 7" drop in the rear.

Parallel 4-Link w/ Panhard Bar
QA1 Rod Ends for Panhard Bar
Poly Bushings
Includes Mounting Hardware
Satin Black Powdercoated
Run any width wheel you want to squeeze into a stock wheel tub. The tub is the limitation. 
Achieve up to 7" Drop (Adjustable from 5"-7")

Parallel 4-Link
Panhard Bar
Adjustable Coilover Bracket
U-bolts w/ Hardware