IHC Suspension 4/6 Drop Kit - 99-00 GM Truck (Reg. Cab)

IHC Suspension is excited to introduce the most complete 1999-2006 (classic 2007) lowering kits in the market. IHC kit has all the features that most of our competitors just do not have. Here are our key features that differentiate us from the competition.

  • Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only are you lowering the truck but also replacing your 15+ year old ball joints and bushing with IHC control arms.
  • IHC integrates the notorious 99-06 chevy LEAN! What is the chevy lean? Most customer find out the hard way. 99-06 was known for driver side being 1 full inch lower which most noticeable after lowering the pickup truck. IHC as a previous installation shop understood the frustration. When engineering designed and developed 9906 control arms. The chevy lean correction was a must had to make pick-up truck sit level. HOW? Driver side springs pocket is not as deep as passenger side making all 4 corners sit leveled.
  • IHC control arms run Delrin bushing for maximum performance, extended bushing life, and minimal maintenance.
  • IHC Flip kit has correct pinion angle built in so no need to use pinion shims.
  • Bolt in C notch for your DIY. ¼” metal plate used. Grade 8 hardware!
  • All MADE IN USA!
  • Manufactured in TEXAS!
  • Lifetime warranty on all metal parts!

IHC 99-06 4/6 lowering kit consist of 5” lowering control arms (upper and lower). 1” inch rubber isolator to adjust front end from 5” to 4”. The rear consists of Flip kit, drop shocks, and bolt on under bed C notch. All IHC suspension parts are Fiber laser cut, CNC bend, robotic welded for precise quality.

Does require cutting using a plasma cutter. See image on this page. 

Please read Instructions thoroughly and completely before beginning installation. Installation by a certified mechanic is recommended. IHC Suspension  is NOT responsible for any damage or failure resulting from improper installation

Estimated Installation Time: 9 Hours +/- 1 hour (excluding alignment)

Front Instructions (CLICK HERE)

Rear Instruction (CLICK HERE)