AccuAir Exo Mount - 2 Compressors

The eXo Mount bracket system integrates air management components into one easy-to-install unit for all vehicles with Air Suspension. This modular design allows the tank, compressors, ECU, and valves to be mounted together in a variety of orientations to simplify installation in the trunk of a car, the bed of a truck, or the side of any frame rail. This system also incorporates AccuAir's new aluminum air tanks in 3 or 5-gallon sizes, and utilizes revolutionary Hover-Mount compressor isolators for quieter operation. The versatility of the AccuAir eXo Mount makes it the perfect air management mounting solution for ALL applications.

  • Fits seamless tanks with 6.5" diameter
  • Mounts (2) 400C's, 444C's or 480C's
  • Mounts VU4 Manifold