Choppin' Block Sensor Mounting Tab - Aluminum

These billet aluminum mounting tabs made by Choppin' Block make it simple to mount your E-level or AirLift sensor to your chassis. These easily clamp onto almost any tube size, ranging from 1" to 2" diameters. They have a tab off the top, to easily mount your e-level arm. Come in black anodized finish.

These are sold individually.

If using Porterbuilt suspension:
Front Control Arms: 1.25" Diameter
Rear Trailing Arm: 2.00" Diameter
Rear 4-Link: 1.25" Diameter

If using Choppin' Block suspension:
Front Lower Control Arms: 1.50" Diameter
Front Upper Control Arms: 1.00" Diameter
Rear Lower 4-Link Bar: 2.00" Diameter

If using RideTech suspension:
Front Control Arms: 1.125" Diameter
Rear 4-Link: 1.125" Diameter