Dead End Garage Rear Conversion Kit - 67-72 4wd Blazer

The kit is designed to be used for a 67-72 Blazer that has been converted from a 4WD to 2WDusing "factory" trailing arms. This design will allow you to get as low as you can without havng to cut the floor. Coil Springs or Air Bags can be used and will mount in the same location on the factory trailing arm. No Welding is required to install this kit. The C-Notch has pan hard bar mounts incorporated into the drivers side to be used with a stock pan hard bar or the DEG pan hard bar. Pan hard cross member is included and runs in between the frame for proper support.

Kit Includes:

  • C-Notch
  • C-Notch Crossmember
  • Shock Relocaters
  • Adjustable Pan Hard Bar


  • Can be used with coil spring or air bag
  • No cutting needed to the bed floor
  • Must use stock trailing arms, trailing arm crossmember & rear end from 63-72 C10 truck