Dirty Dingo LS Truck Alternator Power Steering Bracket

Dirty Dingo designed billet aluminum alternator/power steering bracket for your 1997-2011 LS engine with Truck accessories. This bracket will relocate and lower your alternator while retaining the stock LS Truck power steering pump, and large or small case alternator. No need to buy a different style power steering pump, reservoir, pulley, and idler pulley. This bracket positions the top of the alternator 1/4 inch below the top of an LS1 car intake manifold. Machined from 3/8 thick 6061-T6 aircraft billet aluminum. If you are using the LS1 Truck style accessories and having hood clearance issues- this is the solution. Will work with Vortec truck water pump, or 1998-02 Camaro water pumps with water pump spacers. Includes two billet aluminum brackets, 6061-T6 billet aluminum CNC lathe cut spacers, grade 8 zinc coated allen bolts, and stainless steel washers.
* Kit includes new pulley kit.
* Will not clear tall sheet metal valve covers.
* Designed to fit all LS alternators- 1998-2002 Camaro, 2000-2013 Truck LS Vortec truck large and small case, Corvette, CTSV, and 2010 up Camaro Alternators.