Dirty Dingo LS Water Pump Spacers

This is a complete water pump spacer kit for installing an 1998-2002 F-body Camaro/Firebird and 1998-02 Corvette water pumps while running LS Truck brackets and accessories to maintain proper pulley alignment. When installing a shorter LS1, LS2, or aftermarket LSx intake manifold on your truck engine the upper water outlet may interfere with the throttle body on cable driven throttle bodies, and is a must for throttle by wire. CNC mill machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. One of the spacers is drilled with an 1/8 pipe tap fitting. This can be used for routing the steam line from the head directly to this spacer.
Includes 2 billet spacers, 6 grade a zinc coated allen bolts, 6 stainless steel washers, 4 felpro gaskets, one ¼ brass pipe fitting, and one 1/8 pipe plug to plug this port if you do not need to route the steam line to the spacer. These billet spacers will also seal correctly with the factory water pump gaskets.
* Must use Camaro/Firebird LS1 belt tensioner.
* Will not work using a Variable Valve Timing engine. The 1998-02 Camaro water pump with spacers will not clear the timing cover.