Entropy LSX Dual Fan Programmable Controller

LSX Series/Parallel Fan Controller Kit
If you're using high powered fans that pull 20+ amps each or swapping a LSX motor into your bad ass hotrod, our LSX fan controller will emulate the funciotnality of the 4th gen f-body and Corvette C5 factory PCM wire harness. Even though the factory LSX PCMs have two fan trigger outputs, it's not designed to drive each fan separately. Instead, the PCM uses a speciual series/parallel wiring circuit that allows the PCM to operate the fans at a low speed and a high speed. With this arrangement, your wife won't nag you that the fans are too loud and you won't kill your alternator by continously hammering it with the heavy amperage of our killer fans. By going from low speed to high speed rather than from off to high speed, the alternator isn't hammered with 60+ amps of inrush current at once. It's also super cool. Unless you're working on your PhD in electrical engineering, using our prewired fan controller for two speed operation will save you from getting down on your knees and putting a shot gun in your mouth out of frustration.
Standalone Control or PCM Control
The controller will work with either factory PCMs (and DFI, FAST, BigStuff, etc.) to activate the fans or as a standalone system by itself. In standalone operation, it will use the temperature sensor and the DIP switch settings to actiavte the low and high speed settings.
The LSX Serires/Parallel fan controller can be used in any application, not just LSX swaps. We recommend using this with any fan setup that pulls more than 20 amps per fan at steady state operation. The kit includes the fan controller unit, 10 gauge wiring, temperature sensor and everything you need to install and hook it your new dual fan setup.