ECP Cooling Fan Harness - Single Fan

If you've purchased an ECP radiator with a single fan, this is the fan harness you need to wire your new cooling fan up without headaches and reliability issues.

ECP puts these together using 10 gauge wire to ensure your fan gets full system voltage. Did you know dropping the fan voltage from 13.8v to 12.0v will cut the fan CFM output by over 20%? The quickest way to drop the fan voltage between the battery and the fan is to use insufficient wiring.

Next on our list of must-haves is the a sealed 40 amp relay, no Chinese $.75 relay that's going to crap out in a few weeks. In addition, the relay has a Delphi Metripack sealed socket connector. If you're not familiar with Metripack connectors, they are OEM connectors used on just about every GM vehicle on the road. They are sealed to keep moisture out and ensure the relay lasts essentially forever. We're so confident, the entire kit has a lifetime warranty on it.

To eliminate the problems, we use a 10 gauge fuse holder made with virgin PA-66 material using Delphi sealed connectors for both the wires and the fuse. This ensures you won't pull over on the side of the road and find your fuse holder melted on a hot day or a long road trip.

The RH-01 fan harness includes everything you need to install your new electric fan:

  • Single fan harness with 10 gauge wire
  • Sealed 40 amp relay and sealed relay holder
  • Brass 3/8" NPT 187F temperature switch
  • Installation kit including tie wraps, crimp connectors and mounting screws
  • Sealed Delphi Metripack connectors that connect directly into all ECP  cooling fans
  • Lifetime warranty