McGaughys 4.5" / 5" Drop Kit - 63-72 C10

Lowering your truck can make it handle better and look better, so we have put together a 4.5" / 5" drop kit for the 63-72 C10's. This kit includes 2.5" drop spindles, 2" front springs, 5" rear springs, adjustable panhard bar & shocks. The use of a c-notch is not required, but does allow for extra axle clearance if using the truck to haul heavy items.

63-72 GM C10 Trucks (1/2 Ton, 2wd)
**If using this kit on a 63-70, please note that disc brake swap is required. Disc brake kit can be selected under options.
**71-72 does not require disc brake kit, and will work with factory disc brakes.