Old Air Products A/C System - 55-59 GM Truck

Integrate Factory Control: CAP-9005G (55-57), CAP-9008G (58-59)
Cable Deluxe Control: CAP-9005 (55-57), CAP-9008 (58-59)
Electronic Deluxe Control: CAP-9105 (55-57), CAP-9108 (58-59)
Cable Underdash Rotary Control: CAP-9005S (55-57), CAP-9008S (58-59)
Electronic Underdash Rotary Control: CAP-9105S (55-57), CAP-9108S (58-59)

Custom Designed System is Easy to install, The Hurricane unit mounts to firewall using existing original heater mounting holes and includes new plasticl glove box. Heater fittings will pass neatly through the firewall under the battery tray with a custom rubber grommet.

Includes a new deluxe lever style heater control that fits into original dash opening to operate the fan, A/C, Heat and Defrost Functions. Also includes custom corner louvers and dual center louver.

Complete systems include: Inside Package (Hurricane Unit, Wire harness w/ deluxe control, Louvers, Duct Hose, Expansion Valve, Mounting Bracket & hardware) Compressor, Compressor Bracket, A/C Hose Kit and Condenser Assembly.

NOTE: For Maximum A/C system Performance we recommend using a steel 6 blade water pump radiator fan and shroud. This will increase air flow across condenser to increase the cooling capacity of the A/C system. Any Questions reguarding compressor bracket applications please call our Sales Department. Call to order as detail information is required to ship out the correct kit with all propoer brackets for your application.

Complete Systems Include:

  • Inside Package - Hurricane Heat Cool & Defrost Unit, Control (if applicable), Wire Harness, Heater valves, Expansion Valve, Duct Hose, Louvers, Plastic Glove Box, Mounting Brackets and Necessary Hardware.
  • Compressor, (Optional upgrade for Chrome or Polished finish)
  • Compressor Bracket, (varies by engine application)
  • Condenser Assembly w/ Drier & Custom Tubes.
  • A/C Hose Kit
  • Binary Pressure Safety Switch.

Chrome Compressor (UG-21-CHR)
Polished Compressor (UG-21-POL)