Pro Performance Air Bag Spacer - F9000 Bag

These air bag spacers for the F9000 Firestone sleeve bag will allow you to run less bag pressure at ride height. This is ideal when you are running a shorter tire than your rear suspension is setup for. Or, if you just want a smoother ride, then you can add these spacers under your sleeve bags as well.
1" Thick Spacer
For example:
If your rear kit is designed to lay out on a 30" tall tire, but are running a 28" tall tire, you would have to inflate the bag more to make up for that 1" lower ride height it would create. When doing that, it means more pressure.
With the bag spacer, you can now lift up to the desired ride height, and use less pressure for a smoother ride as it was intended to be like. If you decide to go to a larger tire in the future, just remove the spacer.