Pro2 63-72 C10 Air Ride Kit

The Pro2 63-72 C10 Air Bag Kit has most everything needed to install a quality air ride system on your truck. It uses VIAIR compressors, AirLift Bags & React rear suspension system with AccuAir air management parts. All the quality components including DOT approved fittings. This kit has shocks, brackets, bags, fittings & AccuAir bluetooth phone controller.

This kit does require some knowledge and experience wth suspension.

If upgrading to a leveling system, no gauges will be needed, since height will be controlled from the 3P/3H. Gauges, 1/4" air line & gauge fittings will be removed from the kit.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 - React Suspension Front Bag Brackets
  • 1 - React Suspension Trailing Arms
  • 1 - React Suspension Trailing Arm Crossmember
  • 1 - React Suspension Panhard Bar Crossmember
  • 1 - React Suspension Shock Crossmember Kit
  • 1 - React Suspension C-Notches
  • 1 - React Suspension Panhard Bar Kit 
  • 4 - BellTech Street Performance Shocks
  • 4 - Airlift Dominator 2600 Bags
  • 1- AccuAir Starter Air Management Kit