RideTech Bolt-On 4-Link - 55-57 Chevy

Equip ShockWaves or Coilovers

The Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link is designed to fit a variety of RideTech shock and spring solutions. There are two inital choices when setting up a 4-link: coil or air springs. If you are looking for an adjustable air solution you will want to add ShockWaves. If your looking for simplicty of a coil-over, we have that too.

The ShockWave

is a coil-over replacement that will allow you to change spring rates on the fly. It also allows the vehicle to deflate to typically 5-6” lower than stock. The ShockWave comes in a variety of options, each with their advantages. Below are the ShockWave systems that, with a Ridetech 4-Link, will complete your rear suspension. *Note: 4-Link ShockWaves will only fit a Ridetech 4-link system.

The RideTech Coil-Over

The new RideTech Coil-Over is available for the AirBar as well. The coil-over shock comes in adjustable and non-adjustable styles. The adjustable shock allows for you to tune in your preferred shock damping, for ride quality or performance. While the non-adjustable shock will be tuned for the best ride quality possible. *Note: 4-Link coil-overs will only fit a Ridetech 4-link system.