Dakota Digital GPS Speed BIM Module

At last, a GPS Speed sensor which can be considered something more. GPS technology offers many benefits in today’s world: accurate speed information, precise location tracking, repeatable information, and so much more. When Dakota Digital set out to create a GPS receiver, it was never to create just a means of driving a speedometer, but rather to extract as much useful information as possible, making the value of the product unlike anything else available.

The GPS-50-1 was completely Designed and Built in the USA, specifically made for the custom automotive market and the unique challenges which exist. Highly advanced electronic and software design allow the GPS-50-1 to work unlike anything else, with accelerometers and predictive software to compensate for times when GPS inherently struggles: Overpasses, mountains, tunnels, heavy tree cover, large buildings, passing large vehicles, etc. Unique electronic architecture provides for negligible current usage when off, yet lightning fast start-up and signal acquisition. Updating the speed information 10 times per second provides tremendous accuracy, while the integrated omni-directional antenna provides for a wide range of installation flexibility and simplicity of a single, smart, unit. In fact, the GPS-50-1 does such a tremendous job of rendering the correct speed information, it can be used to feed an aftermarket cruise control system; while not an easy task for a GPS speed sensor, the GPS-50-1 was intelligently created to handle this from the beginning.

When used in conjunction with a Dakota Digital VFD3 or VHX Instrument system, a single data connection cable adds accurate Speed information, Compass positioning, Altimeter data, Automatic Clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration! No DIP switches, No Guessing, No Innacuracies, period.

The GPS-50-1 is also fully compatible with other electronic speedometers on the market. Offering a user selectable output of 4k, 8k, 16k PPM signals and a selectable signal type of a Sine Wave or Square Wave, the flexibility is endless. The GPS-50-1 is also capable of supplying a 54,400 or 128K PPM signal to supply an ECM to ease some of those unique transmission swap situations!

The GPS-50-1 measures in at an easy-to-hide size of 4-3/4”x2-3/4”x1”, completely covered by a two-year warranty.
See detailed images for more product specifications

Compatible Dakota Digital instrument systems consist of all VHX Hybrid Digital/Analog system, as well as VFD3systems with a BIM-compatible black plastic control module. Earlier instrument systems with an aluminum control module will not be capable of the BIM connectivity, however can be used with the GPS-50-1 for obtaining an accurate speedometer signal.

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