LS Swap Information

LS engine accessories are determined by what harmonic balancer is on the LS engine. This picture shows how to measure and determine what you have.



Gen III-IV-V Engine Designations

Gen. III  1997-2007

6.0L             LQ4, LQ9

5.7L             LS1, LS6

5.3L             L33, L59, LM4, LM7

4.8L             LR4


Gen. IV  2005-Current Gen IV

7.0L             LS7

6.2L             L92, L94, L99, L9H, LS3, LS9, LSA

6.0L             L76, L77, L96, LC8, LFA, LS2, LY6, LZ1

5.3L             LC9, LH6, LH8, LH9, LMF, LMG, LS4, LY5

4.8L             L20, LY2


Gen. V  2014-UP

6.2L             L86, LT1, LT4

5.3L             L83


1958-1999 Big and Small block Chevrolet engines use the same style 3 bolt engine mounts. Aftermarket urethane engine mounts available today are classified and short and wide, or tall and narrow. To determine which aftermarket mount will fit you will need to measure your existing frame stand on your car where the engine mount originally fit.

Energy Suspension Short and wide is 3.1115G
Energy Suspension Tall and narrow is 3.1117G


On LS 3 engines- some came with a factory oil cooler that mounts on the drivers side of the block. 
This will have to be removed and install a factory coolant plug GM part # 12561663.




When installing the LS engine into 4X4 truck the front drivers side cross member will need a slight notch. The front oil pan will slightly touch.



Different 6 speed transmission and shifter lengths


LS alternator wiring

LS Alternator Wiring



LS Power Steering Pressures

Corvette C5-C6, Cadillac CTSV, Pontiac G8
Vette Ls1, LS2, LS6, LS7, LS9-  2.4/2.8 GPM 1250/1350 psi
Cadillac CTSV LS2, LS3. LS6- 1.9-2.1 GPM 1640/1740 psi
Cadillac CTSV LSA- 2.7 GPM 1625/1850 psi
Pontiac G8 - 2.0 GPM 1200/1300 psi
GTO F-Body / Camaro 1998-02- 2.7-3.1 GPM 1200-1300 psi
GTO All- 1.95-2.35 GPM 1100/1200 psi
Vortec Truck C1500, C2500, C3500- 3.0-3.9 GPM 1425-1550 psi
Trailblazer LS2- 2.7-3.1 GPM 1400-1500 psi

Borgeson makes a shim kit to lower pressures on GM power steering pumps if you are running a small diameter pulley and the pressure is too high HERE.


Making custom length MSD spark plug wires when removing the coils from the valve covers and mounting further away.

Super Conductor, Black, 25' Bulk Wire: MSD P/N 34013
LS1, 45-degree boots & terminals: MSD P/N 3304
Silicone straight boots & Terminals: MSD P/N 3301