Front 14" Revelator Tech Article

14” Revelator Big Brake Kit


This article will show the basic steps to installing the Pro Performance 14” Revelator kit onto a McGaughys 2.5” drop spindle. These steps will still apply to most all drop spindles. Please note, the drop spindle must have dust shield bolt holes, in order to install the kit. These will be used to locate the caliper bracket. 

You will first start by marking the spindles for the first cut to be made. This will be the main cut to remove the “caliper ears” from the spindle, and allow clearance for the new Corvette C5 caliper and it’s mounting bracket. 




In this article, we used a band saw to make the cuts, but a sawzall will work just as well. Make sure to make straight cuts, and spindle should look similar to the picture below. 




After this first cut, line up the outer most holes with the dust shield threaded holes. Once lined up, you will see that small notches will need to be made for the caliper anchor bolts. These will hold the caliper anchor to the bracket you are fitting onto the spindle. Mark your small notches on the spindle, and trim accordingly. They shouldn’t need to be large, just enough to allow a socket to be easily used to this bolt. We again used a bandsaw for the initial cut, and then cleaned it up with a cut off wheel and a flap disc. 




Next, we will want to drill and tap the (2) dust shield bolt holes for a 7/16-14 bolt. Reference your drill/tap set for the correct drill size. Once drilled and tapped, the caliper bracket can be bolted to the spindle.




The spindle can now be placed onto the ball joints, and hub assembly installed on the spindle pin. The hub assembly comes pre-packed with grease, but recommend coating the spindle pin with some grease as well, before installing. Install the provided castle nut, by threaded until the hub is firmly installed on the spindle, with no play. No need to tighten, just thread the castle nut on enough to remove any play, and install cotter pin. 



You will need the hub-centric ring next. They are colored differently from front to rear, and the from using the red ring. You’ll want to install this ring onto the hub first, then slide the rotor over the ring, making sure it is all seated up flat on the hub. The rotor is directionally vented, so there is a left and right. Please reference the picture below, as the front of the truck will be to the right of the rotor. 



At this point, the caliper w/ anchor bracket will be ready to install onto the caliper bracket. The kit will provide shims to correctly center the caliper over the rotor. After this step, you will be ready to install the brake hoses and bleed the system.