Vintage Air Gen 5 Evaporator Kit - 73-87 C10

Estimated lead time: 4-6 weeks from order date.

The Gen 5 is Vintage Air's most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen 5 uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. Separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate-and fin-cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments.

Additional features include variable blower speed and dash/floor/defrost blend.

**Evaporator only kit includes the evaporator unit and mounting brackets, louvers (where required), duct hose wiring harness, bolt-in replacement electronic control panel, hardware and installation instructions.

  • Engineered to cool your vehicle faster than ever
  • Improved diagnostics and advanced systematic fail safes
  • Multiple mounting options for an easier installation
  • Rubber well-nut mounting points for improved NVH isolation
  • Separate high-capacity A/C and heater coils with blend air door for rapid vent temperature adjustment
  • OEM block-type expansion valve
  • Injection molded case for optimal precision, strength and quality
  • Injection molded blend air doors with integral rubber seals
  • Removable access covers for coil service
  • Interchangeable defrost and floor heat plenums for increased mounting flexibility
  • Powder coated steel mounting brackets
  • Quiet high-performance blower
  • New electronic control panel included
  • Replacement molded glove box (reduced capacity)
  • Flat steel firewall cover

      Evaporator-only kits available for:

      1973-80 Chevrolet / GMC Pickup / SUV without factory air

      1973-80 Chevrolet / GMC Pickup / SUV with factory air

      1981-87 Chevrolet / GMC Pickup / SUV without factory air

      1981-87 Chevrolet / GMC Pickup / SUV with factory air


      1. Some installations may require additional engine pulleys not included with kits. You must provide pulleys, V-belts, heater hoses and refrigerant.
      2. SureFit™ systems may interfere with some OEM radios or in-dash speakers.

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