Choppin' Block Rear Performance Kit - 63-72 C10

This complete back-half kit takes air ride to a whole new level, utilizing a completely new back half, engineered to air bag with less hassle, and can be used as a short bed conversion. The rear end is held by a triangulated 4-link system, with the air bags mounted on the link bars. Everything is kept inboard, allowing for up to a 15" wide wheel. All new frame rails from the cab rearward, and includes the rear body mounts. This rear body mount is adjustable to be integrated into an optional body drop kit.

Ride height with 30" tall tire is appoximately 6", and with a 28" tall tire would be approximately 5"

Be aware, due to the shorter notch height, it WILL NOT lay frame on the ground. Depends on tire height, but typically will air out and leave the frame 2-3" above the ground.

  • True back-half kit, and serves as a short bed conversion if needed.
  • Less bolting and cutting to install
  • Optional rear splined sway bar
What's Included:
  • Back-half frame rails with notch
  • Bridge assembly with air tank mounts
  • Triangulated 4-link bars
  • Link crossmember
  • Rear cab mount
  • KYB shocks