Ididit Column Shift, Tilt - 60-66 C10

We've got a wide selection of columns designed to fit your classic GM Truck! Each Chevy Truck column installs in the same location as the old and includes everything you'll need for flawless installation. All that's required is an ididit installation kit. Use your original under dash mount and floor mount to install the 1960-66 column. These columns also come with unique dash locating slots that allow for perfect installation every time. All of our Chevy truck column shift columns come complete with a neutral safety switch (shift indicator not included). The shift pattern on the column allows you to use either a 3 or 4-speed automatic transmission. A shift linkage (new or original) is required for installation and will attach to the lower shift arm provided on the column. Using an adaptor, add an aftermarket wheel and the gripping surface will be in the same location as the stock wheel.

A stock 1960-66 wheel can NOT be used with a 1960-66 ididit column.

Standard Features:
8-Position Tilt
Self-Canceling Turn Signals
4-Way Flashers
Knobs & Levers
Locating Slot & Brackets
Neutral Safety Switch
3 7/8" Wiring Plug
1960-72: 3/4"-36 Lower Shaft