Company Profiles

Travis Dulgerian
Position: Owner

Travis Dulgerian’s knowledge and experience in the automotive industry is unparalleled. If you know Travis, you know he’s a highway of information when it comes to trucks and hot rods. Nearly his whole life has been spent in or around the car industry. Travis’ passion for cars started at a very young age, observing and mimicking his father, Jack Dulgerian, every move in their garage back in Southern California. As you can imagine, once Travis held that wrench for the first time, the rest was history. Since then, he has built and flipped countless vehicles over the years, but received wide spread recognition on his slammed 1963 Chevy C10. Should come at no surprise that this truck was a father-son build (naturally).

Once Travis graduated college, his first venture into the automotive scene was with Budnik Wheels in Southern California, where he contributed his efforts in the graphics department. After that, he spent the next 6 years with VIAIR Corporation as Creative Director. In 2012, Travis later decided to take a leap of faith and try his hand as a business owner in the quickly emerging C10 scene. Travis fused together his knowledge, passion and hobby in to a business. Pro Performance was then established in 2012 and quickly made a splash in the C10 scene as an aftermarket parts dealer.

Current build: Travis just finished his 1964 suburban that was featured at SEMA in 2018. He also has a '99 OBS 2-door Tahoe that he plans to LS swap soon, that is a daily driver for him.
Instagram: @pro_travis

Eddie Franco
Position: Sales / Warehouse Lead

Eddie Franco, A.K.A.  “TheC10kid" is our newest addition to the Pro Performance family. Like Nick and Travis, Eddie is also a California native who transplanted to sunny Arizona in early 2019. Eddie is no stranger to the C10 scene, he’s been a part of several builds but is most known for his popular YouTube Channel, “C10 Kid”. Here, he talks about C10’s trucks, products, shows and his popular “seat swaps” where he interviews builders and their trucks.

Like everyone else at Pro Performance, Eddie wears a lot of hats, but he is primarily our warehouse lead guy. He’s in charge of shipping, receiving, order pulling, and inventory. Eddie is a hardworking, determined individual who has a passion for these C10 trucks. He is transitioning into sales and already growing here at Pro Performance.

Current build: Eddie currently does not have a project, but has had many in the past such as a '97 2-Door Tahoe, '94 C1500, '87 C10 and more. He hopes to have another build in the next year or so.
Instagram: @pro_eddie