Billet Specialties Prism

Billet Specialties Concave Pro Touring Series of wheels are not only aggressively styled, they are incredibly light. Choose from six available styles and two concave center profiles in Concave Shallow and Concave Deep for the ultimate in stagger and stance. Our bolt pads feature relief cuts to shed weight from the wheel while providing ample caliper clearance up to 1.75”. Even more weight savings! Without the penalty of fasteners or rim flanges our two-piece welded construction saves even more weight over a three piece wheel. 18X8 wheels weigh in as little as 18.5 lbs! Available in 18, 19, 20 and 22” diameters and multiple bolt patterns get a set for you cone killing machine now!

Concave Deep only available in 10" and wider wheel widths.

18" - 22"


Bolt Patterns:
Most 5-Lug

Finishes Available:
Polished, Powdercoated & Brushed