Dakota Digital OBDII Interface BIM Module

The BIM-01-2 ODBII Interface allows you to plug directly into the engine diagnostic port, extracting engine data from the ODBII computer (ECU). The BIM-01-2 will output the following information to Dakota Digital Instrument Systems *:

  • Speed
  • Tachometer
  • Engine Temp
  • Intake Air Temp (if data is available)
  • Transmission Temp (if data is available)
  • Ambient Air Temp (if data is available)
  • Gear Position (if data is available)

Speedometer, Tachometer and Engine Temperature data are standard and always available to the BIM-01-2.
Due to the various factory and modified ECM's, additional data (Intake Temperature, Transmission Temperature, Ambient Air Temperature and Gear Position) may also be available, but will vary from application to application. Dakota Digital cannot guarantee the presence or accuracy of the Intake Temperature, Transmission Temperature, Ambient Air Temperature or Gear Position displays since this is a function of the ECM and matching functional sensors.

Because the BIM-01-2 is decoding the information supplied from the ECM, it is assumed that this information is complete and accurate. Dakota Digital instrument systems will provide a +/-25% calibration to compensate for tire size or gear changes which have affected the speedometer output. Also, because the BIM-01-2 will display the information supplied by the ECM, it is crucial that the ECM has a complete set of OEM functioning sensors.

*The BIM-01-2 is designed to decode the information provided by the ODBII computer and supply this information to the VFD3 rev. G and VHX control box instrument systems only. Earlier control boxes (with an aluminum case) are not compatible with the BIM family of Expansion Modules!

Instruction Manual