Dakota Digital Temperature BIM Module

The BIM-04-2 temperature module allows you to display an additional temperature reading within your RTX, HDX, VHX or VFD3 instrument system. The BIM-04-2 utilizes Ground Isolated senders for easy installation without the headache of engine ground deficiencies.

Add a dedicated sender above (one per BIM-04-2 required).

Auxiliary temperature readings possible with the BIM-04-2:

  • Temperature (generic fluid)
  • Water Temp
  • Oil Temp
  • Transmission Temp 
  • Differential Temp

Input senders and specifications:

Gauge Display Sender Part # Range High Warning
TEMP SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
OIL SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
TRANS SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
DIFF SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F

* All temperature readings will display either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on the setting selected by the gauge cluster.

For Ford Flathead applications, there is a special option that allows the system to display the highest temperature reading in the main display at all times. The lowest temperature reading will display in the information center.

**The BIM-04-2 is designed to supply information to the compatible Dakota Digital VHX, HDX, RTX and VFD3 instrument systems with a black plastic control module. For any BIM-compatible control boxes which contain the 3.5mm headphone jack BIM input, add part number 394193 adaptor harness. Earlier instrument systems with an aluminum control module are not capable of BIM connectivity.

***The BIM-04-2 Supersedes the BIM-04-1