Dakota Digital Temperature BIM Module

The BIM-04-1 is a multi-Temperature module that allows you to add up to 3 additional temperature readings to your VFD3 (rev G) or VHX gauges. The BIM-04-1 utilizes Ground Isolated senders for easy installation without the headache of engine grounding.

Pressure Inputs:

  • Temperature (generic fluid or air)
  • Water Temp
  • Oil Temp
  • Transmission Temp
  • Differential Temp

Input senders and specifications:

Gauge Display Sender Part # Range High Warning
TEMP SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
OIL SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
TRANS SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F
DIFF SEN-04-5 100- 320F 131- 320F

* All temperature readings will display either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on the setting selected by the gauge cluster.

For Ford Flathead motors there is a special option that allows the system to display the highest temperature reading in the main display at all times. The lowest temperature reading will display in the information center.

**The BIM-04-1 is designed to supply information to the VFD3 rev. G and VHX control box instrument systems only. Earlier control boxes (with an aluminum case) are not compatible with the BIM family of Expansion Modules.

Instruction Manual