Pro Performance Aluminum Tie-Rod Adjusting Sleeve - 63-87 C10

These machined aluminum tie rod adjuster sleeves offer better adjustability and a cleaner look. These will also better secure the tie rods into the adjuster vs. the factory style. The standard have 11/16" inner and outer threads.

Conversion Style:
We now have a tie rod adjuster available that will adapt a later C10 outer to an earlier truck. This is perfect for those guys using a later disc brake spindle on the earlier trucks. These conversion tie rods use a 5/8" inner thread with 11/16" outer thread.

When using the conversion tie rod adjuster, you will use a 67-70 C10 outer, for the inner tie rod. This will allow adjustment of the alignment while leaving the tie rod in the spindle. It will have the correct LH and RH threads as a result.

Configurations, sold by the pair:
Standard (71-87 C10's using stock inner and outer tie rods)
Conversion (63-70 C10's using later 71-87 C10 spindles)