Baer Rear 14" Eradispeed Kit - 99-04/07-18 Gm Truck / 07-18 GM SUV

The EradiSpeed1 rotors are a 1pc design, larger than stock diameter offering increased brake torque. The ES1 rotors are direct bolt on replacements that retain the OE caliper with the use of caliper relocation brackets. Aside from the increased brake torque, these rotors offer better cooling with the curved vane design and enhanced appearance. Eradispeed1 rotors come standard with a cross-drilled, slotted and zinc plated finish, slot only finish is available upon request. 

Rotor Diameter:
14" x .799", 1-piece
| Replacement Rotors:
6910526 (Left) / 6920526 (Right)
|Minimum Wheel Size:
18" (Use template to verify fitment, link below)
Rotors, caliper relocation brackets and hardware
| Applications:
1999-18 GM1500 2/4WD Trucks OE rear disc brakes w/.799" thick rotor (Not compatible w/drum brakes)
2007-18 GM1500 2/4WD SUV 
 | Optional Baer Sport Pads:
1999-06 GM1500 2/4WD Trucks - D0792
(Does not fit Silverado SS, see 2302024)  
2007-14 GM1500 2/4WD Truck/SUV - D1194
2015-18 GM1500 2/4WD Truck/SUV - D1707