Belltech Driveline Kit - 88-98 Truck / SUV

Belltech driveline alignment kits provide you the solution for all your driveline alignment needs. If more adjustment for proper rear driveline angle is required, then our Driveline Alignment Kits are your solution.

Driveshaft Spacers: Engineered Application-specific aluminum spacers allow for angle correction of the driveshaft.

Pinion Shim Kit: Two wedge-shaped shims with ranges from 1 to 6 degrees

New spring center bolts & nuts

Center Carrier Bearing Kit: Adjustable bracketry that allows for fine tuning of the carrier bearing position to your vehicles specific needs.

Belltech Driveline Alignment Kits can help make your driveline problems are a thing of the past.

88-98 Chevrolet C1500/2500/3500 Pickup with 2 piece driveshaft (angle correction kit with 4" or 6" drop)


  • For use with Ext/Crew Cab Longbed w/2 piece driveshaft (w/ 153" wheel base)