Dakota Digital HDX/RTX Climate Control - Vintage Air Gen IV & V

Upgrade your Vintage Air Gen IV or V system with automatic temperature control and stunning good looks! A direct plug-in, the DCC-4000 series of controllers allow your new or existing A/C system to perform like a late model. The full-color TFT display can be configured for horizontal or vertical orientation, and the illumination colors can be selected by the user.

What’s more, when connected to a Dakota Digital HDX or RTX system, the DCC colors and brightness will automatically sync for a finished, coordinated look in your interior.
Overall Size: 4.285" x 1.85"
Cutout: 4.050” x 1.620”
Required sensors and hardware are included.

** Compatible with Vintage Air Gen IV & V systems utilizing an onboard ECU part number 246204

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