Little Shop 5-Lug 16" F/R Big Brake Kit - 88-98 2wd GM Truck / SUV

A 16" C1500 kit utilizing Wilwood 6-piston TC6 calipers, aluminum hubs, hats, and machined 6061 AL brackets which bolt directly to the factory spindles or drop spindles without drilling. Designed to fit 88-00 fullsize 2wd GM trucks and SUVs.

When purchased with the LSM rear kit, the calipers are substituted with a larger bore size to keep the front/rear bias proportional.

Note: Fits spindles with factory 1.25" rotor width. Non-heavy duty spindles from 88-91 Standard Cabs with a 1" rotor width must be swapped to 88-91 Ext Cab, 88-91 454SS, or any spindle from 92-00. The same applies to drop spindles for those year ranges.     

A rear 16" brake upgrade designed to work in conjunction with our front kit HERE. This setup uses the same 16" rotors and TC6 body caliper as the front, but a smaller piston area. This allows it to keep the bias proportional while still achieving a matching look. No parking brake is used with this setup.

Make sure to verify your housing axle flange pattern, for the 10" or 11" drum. See links below for measurement, in order to properly order this kit to fit.
Brake line adapter needed if installing on factory rear end hardline. Not needed if you want to supply your own fittings or doing something custom.

10" Drum Housing Axle Flange Measurement
11" Drum Housing Axle Flange Measurement

(Rear calipers are the same body and look as the fronts, but with a smaller bore size for proper front/rear bias)