Weld Racing S113 Belmont Set - 88-98 OBS - Staggered 20"

The Weld Racing S113 Belmont, is a 1 pc. cast wheel made in the popular backspaces needed to fit most vehicles. The advantage, is a quality wheel at an affordable price. 

This set will fit 88-98 OBS trucks and 92-99 SUV's, and are a staggered setup. See notes below for fitment on these trucks.Any questions on fitment, please call. Once tires are mounted, there is NO return.

88-98 OBS's:
1) Will work with lowered trucks when running an appropriate tire.
2) Must roll fenders or trim.
3) Highly recommend the use of React 2" modular spindles (these keep track width stock, unlike others on the market that widen .25"-0.5" per side)

React 2" Modular Spindles

(2) 20x8
(2) 20x9.5

Bolt Pattern: