Pro Performance 5 Lug Front Rotor Kit - 60-72 C10

Pro Performance produces tough, high-quality front disc brake kits that are done right the first time. Our brake kits will help to decrease stopping distance, while improving brake pedal feel. They include new rotors with bearings and seals, calipers, and brake hoses.

60-70 GM C10 Trucks with Disc Brake Conversion Stock/Drop Spindle (1/2 Ton, 2wd)
71-72 GM C10 Trucks with Stock/Drop Disc Brake Spindle (1/2 Ton, 2wd)


  • 12" 5-Lug (5x5) Rotors
  • GM Calipers
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Hoses
  • Banjo Bolts
  • Dust Caps
  • Spindle Nut/Washer
  • Cotter Pins
  • 5x5 Bolt Pattern


Customer Reviews

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Pro Performance 5 Lug Front Rotor Kit - 60-72 C10

I placed my order and followed up with a call to check stock and availability. They informed me that they needed to assemble the kit, promising to ship it out the next day. Upon receiving the kit, I found the quality lacking, with inconsistencies in several areas: 1. The thickness of the brake pads made installation difficult due to tolerance issues. 2. The dust caps included were of the wrong size. 3. The brake bleeders required different wrench sizes. These items were drop-shipped from another company, and unfortunately, no quality check was conducted by the seller prior to shipment. A copy of the invoice was included in the shipment, providing a breakdown of the order. There's definitely room for improvement in terms of quality.

Thanks for the review, and we will definitely look into it. If we are unable to get a good product from our supplier, then we will stop selling, as our goal is not to have this happen. We only can fix what we know of, and appreciate the review to make us aware. As you can imagine, we don;t open every box before shipping to check manufacturers parts, as it would be very time consuming and make the product cost rise, which then customers wouldn't like the $50 higher price. Again, thanks for the review.