Choppin' Block Full Chassis - 73-87 C10

This Choppin' Block chassis has changed the way you lay out your C10. Utilizes improved C10 geometry, engineered to lay frame with less hassle. It will narrow your track width appx. 2.5" per side and moves the wheels 1" forward from factory location. By utilizing the rack and pinion steering, you get smoother steering to give you a more late model truck driving experience. Lays up to a 30” tire front, 31” rear

Ride height with 30" tall tire is appx. 5.5"-6", and with a 28" tall tire would be appx. 4.5"-5"


  • 4.5”-5” ride height
  • Up to 15” wide rear wheel
  • Narrowsfont track width 5”
  • Eliminates bump steer w/ rack & pinion and flipped tie rods
  • Easy cam alignment adjustments
  • Rear triangulated 4-link
  • Modular bolt-together construction
  • Positions engine low for hood clearance
  • Accuair e-Level ready


  • Track width aired out, with stock or stock style drop spindle: 57"
  • Track width with arms parallel to ground, with stock or stock style drop spindle: 61"
  • LS engines use F-body oil pan. (Link)
  • The lower control arms are 1.5", 3/16" wall, and uppers are 1.00", 1/8" wall.


  1. Cam bolts for alignment adjustment, no shims needed
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Keeps engine low in the frame to increase hood clearance
  4. Uses tapered pin for the spindle, no need to drill spindle
  5. LS engines use F-body oil pan. (Link)

Stage 1 Includes the Following:

  • Full Frame, main crossmember, motor mounts and structural components
  • Tubular control arms with bushings and ball joints
  • Rack-n-Pinion hardware, with heim end for spindle
  • KYB Shocks
  • Slam Specialties SS7 Bags
  • Engine Mounts
  • Inner Frame Structure
  • Body Mounts

Stage 2 Includes Everything in Stage 1 PLUS:

  • CPP Modular Spindles
  • 9" Ford Housing w/ 31 Spline Axles (Customer Spec'd Width)
  • Rack and Pinion

Stage 3 Includes Everything in Stage 1 & 2 PLUS:

  • CPP 13" Big Brake Kit

Additional Options for All Stages

  • Splined Front Sway Bar - 1.25"
  • Splined Rear Sway Bar - 1.00"
  • Battery Boxes - Single or Dual